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Ht. 5"9, Wt. 377 - Hi guys. First post. iv recently decided to loose weight.My dad introduced me to this site last night because hes really been trying to help me loose weight. Well i guess im overweight thats why im here and i would like somebody to talk to about it. My dad keeps telling me that i should get more active but its really tough for me because of my weight. Does any other girl on here have big thighs like me. Its really tough to walk very far and i loose breath easily and if there is a way to meby work on those first I would like to. My dad recomended a weightloss buddy so if anybody wants to be than email me at or just post on here. I really think i need help because i dont want to gain over 400 becuase thats a really big number and i dont want to end up like that. The day that I can run up my drive way and back without being out of breath is my goal so if anybody wants to help than email me.
Reply from claire, Age 14 - 01/06/06  - IP#:
the reason ur bro's sed he was overweight is cos he is muscly it does say if ur muscley this isnt accurate! muscle weighs more than fat!
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I didnt see lilys reply? Hum owell it sounds negitive. Thanks for all your support and yea ill get to responding to everybodys email.
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that's great that ur dad cares
Reply from andrea, Age 14 - 01/05/06  - IP#:
omg!..when i read what lilly said i was disguisted..that is so untrue..and she critisized you..totally not her job..ignore her!..i would love to be ur diet buddy!..ive been on my diet for about 4 days..and after the first 2 days or so u get used to it and its not as hard. my goal is when i go back to the doctor this summer to get a physical for school sports is to be at like i want to lose 50 pounds by then..i suggest that you start out with cutting down just a little bit..and for snacks what i do is eat fruit..i love fruit..especially strawberrys and grapes. i got protein powder from the mall yesterday at gnc it costs a bit much but it will be worth it in the end..i am going to put it in strawberry smoothies for a snack..and they have different flavors like i have strawberry...umm well i know ive typed alot..but i hope you read it
ill e-mail you with more info and if you want to be my diet e-mail if u want to e-mail me is and if u have aim my sn is imspeshaltimes99
ok bye
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and excuse me lilly, but that is not true..example: the biggest loser... so before you start giving someone inaccurace information and tips maybe you should research a little... and think about what u type before u type it.. and by the way lipo is for people that are at a normal weight but have some excess fat they want to get rid of not for overwieght people
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i only way 188, but i know how you feel. i would absolutely love to have a weightloss buddy, because i think i need somebody to make me want to work out, to make me be healthier, do you know what i mean... my email is i have yim too, and aim if u want that just ask... let me no if ur interested
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Its not true. you really can lose weight, but you really have to be ready to do it. I'm sure you've tried dieting before and it didn't work. It's a major lifestyle change and it won't be easy. I suggest getting help from a dietician or a psycologist. You have to figure out why you overeat. No diet will work because your problem isn't what you eat but that you're out of control with food. If you're like me you proboboly eat when you're still full and you like to eat a lot when no one is watching you. I strongly suggest you talk to a professional, but if you want some tips, try writing down everytime you eat and if you think you ate more then everyone else. You have to realise and admit you overeat. Watch your skinny friends eat and you'll see the they actually enjoy the food and stop when they're full. Don't go on any strict diet because you might end up gaining weight from restricting food then binging. You have to work on your relationship with food. You probobly already know you fix your emotions with food....sort of like a drug addiction. It's time to face life and be ready to feel and face those emotions without turning to food to help you. Try for one day keeping a diary on you at all times and write down everything. Every single feeling, everything you're about to eat and what you're craving and how you feel and how others made you feel and EVERYTHING. Just get to know yourself.
You can lose weight no doubt...GUARANTEED. Many people have done it and you WILL do it too.
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She shouldnt have gastric bypass! Are u crazy? It's really dangerous at her age and i doubt they would put her thru the surgery. You just need to eat healthier foods and get more active, eventually the weight should come off.
Reply from Kelly, Age 16 - 01/05/06  - IP#:
Reply from Kelly, Age 16 - 01/05/06  - IP#:
ok i did the bmi thing and it says im like 55.8 and in the 95th precentile of things or somthing lol. Just wonderd if anybody esle was around 55? Does the bmi thing really tell you if your fat because my bro did it and it said he was but he has like a 4 pac so i dontthink its very accurate!!
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Also if anybody wants to drop me an email of some diet ideas or stories about how they lost weight that would be nice. THANKS!!!