From kadents, Age 13 - 02/11/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i lost 1/2 a pound yesterday working out im so proud of my self.....
Reply from Danyelle, Age 13 - 02/11/05  - IP#:
good job! keep up the good work!
Reply from Hannah, Age 16 - 02/11/05  - IP#:
Hey that's great, keep the good work going, your be a super model yet! Good Luck!
Reply from Lola anti-chocolate, Age 15 - 02/11/05  - IP#:
woo rock on thats so good good luck -x-
Reply from Kaie, Age 13 - 02/11/05  - IP#:
well done thats realy good and i hope you have grate sucsess.