From Hannah, Age 14 - 02/10/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Guys, please help me. My family has been going through a really hard time... me and my younger brother found out my father had a drug problem and he had to go to rehab.. so that was an event then when he came home, my mom made him move out, and he moved 2 and a half hours away. And I got so stressed out I kept eating and eating and gained alot of weight. PLEASE let me know how to get back to my normal weight. <3
Reply from Lindsey, Age 13 - 02/10/05  - IP#:
Jumping Jacks during tv commercials! Eat less! Go jog for 10 minutes a day! Dance to 4 songs a day! 20 crunches a day! Jump Rope every day! Oh and Hula Hoop everyday!