From Ashley, Age 14 - 02/07/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone... this my second diet day (yay!) and it feels so wonderful to be eating healthy. Well, I just have some questions about exercise. Yesterday and today i tried fitting some exercising in, but i always end up not having time. Is it ok to run at the end of the day, like right before bed? or is that unhealthy?thanxashkabashka
Reply from Melissa, Age 15 - 02/07/05  - IP#:
exercising before bed might not be a good idea because there are certain chemicals that your body releases that make you feel more awake and you might have trouble getting to sleep.
Reply from Christina, Age 16 - 02/07/05  - IP#:
Hey, you can exercise at any time! Before you go to bed is great. Although you might not be sleepy when you hit the sack because your still alittle energetic but other then that, its fine!
Reply from Ashley, Age 14 - 02/07/05  - IP#:
we have the same name and age