From Jessica, Age 16 - 02/07/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am so happy today was the start of my diet and i know that it will work beacuse the last time i did it did. I am so determined to stay on my diet nothing can stop me. I now weigh 159 and hope to be 125 by june 8. Dont worry anna im not starving myself. I dont believe in going on an unhealthy diet. This is what my diet consist of if you want to try it this diet is some what expensive that is why i could not continue it last time but now i have a job.Breakfest I have a Slimfast optima shake a cup of grapes or any fruit and an 18.9 oz bottle of water.Snack a special k strawberrr bar and a bottle of water and a bananna or any fruit you prefer for lunch i had a slimfast optima bar with a peice of frit aand a bottle of water. For a snack a dannon lowfat small yougurt and of course a bottle of water and for dinner i had a m lean cuisean meal a sparkling fruit water and a salad on the side with lowfat ranch.The last time i did this diet i lost 15 pounds in a month in a half.I cant wait to reach my gol weight so i can be healthy and be able to wear a bikini for once in my life this summer if you stick to this diet and do at least 30 minutes of excersize a day you will lose the weight. To maintain the weight when you lose it you have to eat smaller portions and limit your cal intake and junk food of course you will gain it back if you go back to old eating habits.Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight.
Reply from candi, Age 13 - 02/08/05  - IP#:
hey your diet sounds really great im looking for a new diet 2 start maybe yours will be the key to success thanx a bunch...good luck ttyl
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 02/08/05  - IP#:
who's anna?