From Matt, Age 16 - 01/01/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi ppl,Im 16 yrs old,6ft,and 206 lbs.So im a bit overweight.The main reason i want to loose weight is for chicks,to be honest.I do know some girls that like me and such,but not the ones i my main problem is i know in my mind i want to loose weight,And i think to myself,'imma do it!',but that just ends up caving in,and i eat more then i should.You would think looking good for girls would be motivation enough,since thats the main reason i want to loose weight,but it never seems to work.I think that i have a big problem on my hands.Wich is why i came to this site,to see people with similar problems,and how they overcome it.So if anybody has any ideas on what i can do,that would be greatly appreciated.thx,~~cheers&peace~~
Reply from megan, Age 15 - 01/01/05  - IP#:
Hey you seem like a fine size i like bigger guys anyway and so do lots of other will find someone who likes you the way you are dont worry
Reply from cristina, Age 16 - 01/01/05  - IP#:
Hey! I know what your talking about. One day your really motivated, then once you see a cookie, its downhill from there. Well, I had that problem and overcame it. This is the way I thought of it. No one can do this but you. The longer you take to do this, the worse it will get. The fatter you will get, and more unhappy you will be.
Reply from kristi, Age 15 - 01/01/05  - IP#:
hey, im losing weight for a boy...and myself.
Reply from patrick, Age 13 - 01/01/05  - IP#:
well losing weight for girls isn't the best reason in the world, but oh can cut down on cokes and junk foods and excercise more.
good luck & happy new year