From katie, Age 13 - 12/31/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey all, Katie here again... does anyone know about the south beach diet? and how well does it work? im thinking about doing that. plus i go to curves 3 times a week ((everyotherday))and i run up and down my drive way 10-20x on the days i dont go 2 the gym is that healthy?
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/02/05  - IP#:
well- i lost a lot of weight he first week of that diet- but i slacked off and ate bad and didn't follow their slowly adding carbs back in so i gained it all back
Reply from me, Age 16 - 12/31/04  - IP#:
that is a good workout plan try adding in diet, i have never talked to some one that has been on the south beach diet but good luck with that remember drink lots of water!