From Samantha, Age 13 - 12/23/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am 13 and is about 5'1"...I weigh 150 bs and hate it. I have a crush but I think he doesn't like me because I'm fat. PLease help me. I really want to lose weight!
Reply from casey, Age 14 - 12/24/04  - IP#:
this guy dosent like me because he thinks im fat theirs alot of girls who have that problem
Reply from Kiem, Age 14 - 12/23/04  - IP#:
A great way to get in shape is to do sit ups start at 25 per day and every day add 5 until you get to a hundred....then just do a 100 a day trust me as u build on it gets easier...another thing is to Lay on your back pick ur feet slightly off the ground hold as long as u can do about 5 a day you will definatly feel it working.....keep me posted on how ur doing kk? Mentaly and Physically :-D! Happy holidays!