From Deandra, Age 14 - 12/23/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ugghhhh this isnt working! I am so mad at myself i just had chocolate, and i feel tottaly sickened out, im 14,5"6 and 155lb....i Really want to lose weight...i suck >:(
Reply from Tracy, Age 13 - 12/23/04  - IP#:
don't feel bad I'm 13 and I weigh 170lbs.and I'm only 5' don't let your weight get to your head I'm sure that your a good friend.I found out the less you worry about your weight the more your take off quicker!!!!!I use to weigh 180 but I lost ten pounds in like two weeks.
Reply from Katherine, Age 15 - 12/23/04  - IP#:
hey im 5'6" 150... we are almost exactly the same. I am trying to get down to 125, u ?? maybe we can be buddies, just leave ur e-mail if you wanna talk.. don't worry, tomorrow is a brand new day!!!
Reply from sarah, Age 14 - 12/23/04  - IP#:
don't worry about it i lost 30 lbs this web site is great and i kno how it feels the guilt but most ppl quit after they cheet its the holidays just work on taking it easy but never quit losing weight is def. no tht hard once you learn control which used to be very hard for me but it is something you learn
Reply from Kiem, Age 14 - 12/23/04  - IP#:
HEY were the exact age weight and height.....i feel the same way when i eat thoese things too....its more a feeling of regreat tho
we should talk!