From Brittany, Age 13 - 12/20/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Help me please!!!! I'm only 13 and i'm over 200 pounds. I have such low self esteem. I'm popular but people still talk about me and my size. and i can't get a boyfriend. I tryed out for cheerleading and made it but cant even wear a uniform. I have 3 weeks to lose weight and inches. Can u help me??!! If so email me at Thanks alot. Love u all!!
Reply from no, Age 13 - 12/23/04  - IP#:
dont worry about it i'm over weight i constantly thought about boys and syles but graduly I gaind weight. every thing i'm telling you to do I;m doing it also. I have lost 44 pounds in 3 weeks by doing this all.!!what you need to do is get a journel and write down EVERTTHING you are going to eat that day and stick with it then at the end of the day do about 30 sit ups since your on the cheerleading team you should know how to do those if you stick with cheering and do the journel thing and eat right you schould go from flab to fab gurl!!!!
Reply from Ashley, Age 14 - 12/20/04  - IP#:
i weigh less than you but i do know exactly how you feel i weigh 154 and all my friends are way skinnier i have a lot of friends but i still feel people talk about me and my size which they probably do. but im not one to give advice but i cant get a boyfriend either but i learned from friends and family that guys really do care about a girls personality and especially if she has confidence in her self and i have low self esteem and confidence and i think that is why i dont have one. but just stick to a good healthy diet and try to exercise as much as u can try not to work on your muscle becuz it weighs more than fat and youll probably gain a little more weight but youll have a better body but you should walk or jog around the block a lot that helps trust me ! you can do it! sorry im a really bad person to talk to but i just wanna let you know that is so cool that u made the cheer team and i bet your a great person too you just gotta let guys kno that YOU PERSONALITY IS AWESOME AS WELL AS YOUR LOOks that you will get soon!