From ann, Age 17 - 12/17/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi. girls who keep complaining that boys dnt ask them out. well thnk about it. wld u ask a fat boy out?
Reply from Laura, Age 14 - 12/21/04  - IP#:
I would probably go out with an overweight guy, if i was attracted to him i wouldn't let his weight put me off. I don't complain that guys won't go out with me because i'm fat because i don't blame them really.
Reply from lalala, Age 16 - 12/20/04  - IP#:
of course! fat boys are sexy!
Reply from all downhill, Age 14 - 12/19/04  - IP#:
to tell u the truth.. yeah i would i have a boyfren who's not exactly skinny.. but he has a super kool personality and we've been frens for so long... i really do lyke him..
Reply from Rachael, Age 14 - 12/18/04  - IP#:
You have to admit, that was a really rude comment. Let's see, to answer your question...YES, I WOULD date a "fat guy" if he was nice. It is all up to personality. Of course, if a guy was cute, that would be a definite plus, but that's not my only factor for choosing a boyfriend. I know many overweight males who have girlfriends, and many overweight females who have boyfriends. Not everyone is that shallow.
Reply from Shannon, Age 16 - 12/17/04  - IP#:
its not all about looks
Reply from mick, Age 17 - 12/17/04  - IP#:
well every body just came across ur site i started kickboxin lst augest at 15st and now am down to 9.5st nd av neva been eatin as much its a great way to lose weight
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 12/17/04  - IP#:
i have the same boyfriend i did when i was at my highest. sorry but what you just said was very shallow. oh and yes- i would ask out anyone i was attracted to and i hAVE BEEN ATTRACTED TO overweight men before because i'm not weightist!
Reply from Grace, Age 15 - 12/17/04  - IP#:
Not everything has to do with outer appearance. Now, I'm not being one of those self-esteem freaks who say appearance means nothing what-so-ever, but it is true that a factor in liking someone is personality. Not all fat girls/guys never have boyfriends, and the ones who do just have someone compatible with them nearby.
Reply from Zach, Age 17 - 12/17/04  - IP#:
If i wasn't a fairly calm person, I would take that personally. So what, now your supposed to stoop down to somebody else's level or something? Fat guys can't have girlfriends or something? If thats the case, I proved that wrong already I guess.