From ann, Age 17 - 12/14/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
how does this sound B toast. L sandwich or soup. D somthing thats around 600-700 cals and a 200 cal snack. gona try and exercise 2.
Reply from jenna, Age 12 - 12/15/04  - IP#:
that is way tooooooo little. try to eat a little more because it will slow your metabalism and make you not lose the weight. *jenna*
Reply from Kelly, Age 14 - 12/14/04  - IP#:
hey ann. that sounds good but i thought you might like to know that it's MUCH better to eat in the morning... have a big breakfast and a decent sized lunch and then a small dinner and it will all work out better since your body has the time to burn all those calories from earlier in the day. when you eat at night, your metabolism is not going to be as efficient and you won't burn as well. best of luck!
Reply from Emily, Age 15 - 12/14/04  - IP#:
sounds ok, but personally id cut out the snack and have about 500-600 calories instead