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Start: 198 lb, Today: 267 lb - HI My parents were gone out of town so there was no one to stop me i went on an eating spree. I polished off 4 bags of family size potato chips, 3 burgers 2 orders of fries and 5 packets of jello pudding. And that was on the first day. My parents were gone for 2 weeks! (Click here to see rest of message).
Reply from Engle, Age 15 - 06/19/03  - IP#:
hey to get red of the white marks or red just use some kind of lotion with coca butter and vitamin d and use it every day it will work also try taebo
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I used to have ur probelm but i went through some programs and steps contact me if u need help my aol im is or
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Cheer up! Summer will be here before you know it, this will give you a great oppertunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors by going for walks, jogs, bike rides and even playing a favourite sport. That's what I do in the summer and I always enjoy it. Remember that you should eat lots of healthy foods (Preferably fruits, vegetables, milk products and lean meats) and stay away from fried foods and foods with lots of calories and high fat (Like chips, candy and cakes). If you have cravings, do an activity that will take your mind off of it, or eat fruit or something healthy. Remember, losing weight does take time, but if you put your mind to it, then you can achieve anything and you will be satisfied with your results in the end! Good Luck!
Reply from morgan, Age 13 - 06/09/03  - IP#:
STOP EATING!!!! dont you care about your life you could die right now of a heartattack or go to sleep at night and everything is all gravy the wake up and boom youy parents come in to wake you up and you are black,blue and purple you dead!(food or die)! reality cheak get a grip of you life and dont loose it!
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you should find something to do when you are bored instead of eat. my sister lost 17 pounds quickly by goin on a 1500 calorie a day diet, and keeping herslef busy, she made these bracelets out of beads and sold them, ahd made a klot of money, but she kept busy and whenever she was bored she found somehting to do instead of eat. email me at
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when your home and bored with nothing to do DONT i repeat DONT go grazing through the fridge or pantry to eat something.... eating more and more isnt going to help your situation!! ik u said eating makes you happy...... but you have to start eating good foods like fruits veggies and good grain cereals and salad for dinner instead of steak n mashed potatoes. its mostly a mental thing if you dont like the way things are going you have to work hard to tell yourself "i dont need this food" when you're not hungry..... i tell myself that a lot cause when im bored i go to eat n im like WAIT STOP dont eat!!.... also (my friend did this) tape a picture of a supermodel to your pantry door so every time you go in there you'll see this perfect girl and say i wana look like her! haha i tried it and it actually worked for me and i walked away from the pantry ok well im sorry if i wasnt any help for you but i hope i was! my email is
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hey i kno EXACTLY and i mean EXACTLY how you feel all i can say is you need to have more self control thats what i need you need a friend you can trust and thtat doesnt make fun ofu to help out but if you want you can email me at ok i am always here to help out k :)
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i know what u mean whenever i feel like eating something i ask myself if i like the way i look and how other peolpe look at me