From lindsey, Age 14 - 02/11/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
omg im so mad! i am 165 now! i gained a pound! i am doing everything right i think..and its not ' that time of the month' i dunno wat to do! i am not gonna post again until i am 160 and that is my punishment..haha not much of a punishment..but still. ok well plz reply and give me tips if u have them! p.s. does dance dance revolution worK?
Reply from ++mel++, Age 14 - 02/11/04  - IP#:
heck yea! DDR iz tha best game! lol i have it at home, itz so much fun wen u do trick mode and stuff. lol well n e wayz i felt the exact same way, i was 165 or 167 before, then i was all serious and went on the Special K challenge (u kno where u lose 6lbs in 2 weeks if u take it relly seriously) so i went on it and now so far i am down to 160 or 159lbs (i duno, mah scale isnt TOTALLY accurate but accurate enough) so i recommend the special k challenge, but u have 2 be TOTALLY serious about it...and play DDR! itz so much fun!