From Marshall, Age 12 - 01/06/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
You know what I am gonna do right now with my diet. I am gonna eat alot more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And I am gonna cut out soda, mayo, fried food and limit sweets to like once a week. I think Ican lose weight really quick like that.
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 18 - 02/27/04  - IP#:
You said you are going to start eating lots of fruits and vegetables. That is very good. Did you no that that if you eat strictly just fruits and vegi's for 7 days that clears your system and then you can start eating healthy and exercising and you will loose weight in no time. I myself had attempted this but i have no will power but i am going to try again becuz it really does work. I hope you try it and good luck!
Reply from aicha, Age 13 - 01/10/04  - IP#:
sweet! you're doing great just remmber excersize slims you you more energy and confidence and makes your metabolism go faster
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 01/07/04  - IP#:
I also only drink soda very rarely, we never really have it around the house anymore. My mom just decided to stop buying it a long time ago because she used to buy lots. It would work if you jut cut it out of your diet tho, even if you had it around the house, now when my mom or anybody else whos in the house buys soda, I never even want to drink any, it just tastes disgusting to me now, same with the mayo lol. i think its really easy to cut those two things out of your diet, at least it was for me.
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 01/07/04  - IP#:
I cut out mayo from my diet like two years ago and it was one of the easiest things I've ever done! I never even craved it after that or anything. There are some recipes for some kind of mayo made out of like yogurt and stuff. Look it up on the internet or something, I'm sure you'll be able to find some kind of recipe if you want to. The one I saw was on tv, I never tried it because I hate mayo now that I stopped eating eating it (yes it was that easy lol) but it looked good so it shouldnt taste so bad I guess:)
Reply from Brianna, Age 15 - 01/06/04  - IP#:
thats a great idea. I think I migth do it too. Combined with my exercise and stuff, that sounds great. Good Luck!!