From Lacey, Age 14 - 01/04/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i have some tips that have really help me that i thought some of you might like to use
jump ropes are really good!
make sure that you are dieting for yourself not for someone else
i have read alot of you say that you are to poor to buy equitment well if you need weights use the plastic milk jugde start with a small amount of water and the more
i will post more later
i hope this helps!
Reply from <--lurr waz hurr-->, Age 13 - 01/05/04  - IP#:
thanx for ur post!i am poor but i will try the water weight thingys!:)
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 17 - 01/05/04  - IP#:
So cold water eh I'll try it but how much water do I need to drink to lose weight I'm 280lbs
Reply from Lacey, Age 14 - 01/04/04  - IP#:
ps if you drink really cold water you lose more weight because your body burns more cal. because you have to get warm!