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Ht. 5'11", Start: 185 lb, Today: 215 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - hey everybody. i was wondering, how many people here have gained weight between doctor's appointments? At my last one, before the summer, i was 5'9" and 185 lbs. i dont know when my next one is, but i think its soon. over the summer, i gained 20 lbs (my scale said 200, so it looks like i only gained 15, but my scale is 5 lbs. off). then in the first few weeks of school, i went up to 210 (according to my slightly innacurate scale) and i stayed the same for awile. but then, in early december, i gained another 5 lbs! so my scale says i weigh 215, but its probably really 220. fortunately, im in a growth spurt, so im now 5'10 to 5'11 (technically 5'10.5), and i can blame my weight gain on that (i heard people eat alot more during growth spurts). my mom also knows i gained weight, but she dosnt know i gained 35LBS! i hope she doensnt take it too bad (i gained 40 lbs one when i was 9 though, and she didnt take it too badly...) but anyway, i was wondering if the same thing has happened to anyone else (gaining weight between checkups). please reply!
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my what?
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what is ur sn?
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actually, my dad would probably take my weight gain worse than my mom. like if i talk back to him or something a while after he finds out i gained 35 lbs, he would probably burst out and start yelling at me for that. i really dont mind being overweight most of the time (it helps in some sports, like football), and my weight is not exactly life threatening, but i know my parents care about me. p.s. i think i gained 3lbs (the scale now says 218, but it gets kind of screwy and says 212, then 216.5, etc.).
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if i do lose weight, i wont try to get back to my old weight...that would take too long. i would probably just try and get down to 195 or something like that, so it would look like i only gained about 10 lbs. of course, i could stay the same weight, and i might be thin in a few years when i reach my full height, which shold be around 6'5 (im only 12 and nearly 6ft tall already, so ill be pretty tall).
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well you could lose it by cutting down and excersizin but it would take some time.... but hey at least u gotta growth short!!
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well my weight wennt up during the year but now im at the same weiht i was a year ago but i grew from 5ft 6 to 5 ft 8