From Lacey, Age 14 - 01/02/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 210 lb - hey people i am 14 and weight 210 pounds i really want to lose weight fast, i have been looking for a good workout video what kind do you think i should get i am looking at pilotes are they really hard
Reply from elizabeth, Age 14 - 01/03/04  - IP#:
hey ya i have the same problems if u wanna be my diet buddy i have a few really good ideas that have worked out for me and so u can email me at good luck:)
Reply from mag, Age 15 - 01/03/04  - IP#:
tae-bo is a great workout it consist of 3 tapes 8-min , basic, & advanced. i do tae-bo every night, so trust me it works.hope you reach your goal weight, good luck.
Reply from aicha, Age 13 - 01/03/04  - IP#:
you have to get away from all the fatty food and start this diet fast, you should prepare a small portion on your plate and go do something else after you're finished eating it. do not go back for seconds or any candy(its hard but you can do it). You have to go to aerobics classes and tae bo. PLay basketball and it can hgelp if you can see a dietician. ALso i heard the south beach diet works
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Reply from Lacey, Age 14 - 01/02/04  - IP#:
ps if you want to email the answers my email is
if any one wants a diet buddy i am total up for it!