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Ht. 5'6", Start: 161 lb, Today: 138 lb (BMI %tile: 77), Goal: 138 lb - I'm 5'6 138.I lost 23 pounds.How did I do it? ok I only ate when I was hungry and Is topped when I was full.I stayed away from fatty foods, and ate lots of fruits and veggies.In the morning I wouldnt eat breakfast,but i would have a glass of water and a cup of green tea.I had 8 glasses of water a day, and 3 cups of green tea a day.Green tea speeds up your matbolism.I had a glass of water before each meal, for it fills you up.I didnt have pop, all I drank was green tea and water and sometimes milk.If you have a craving, drink water, it makes it go away.For exercize I did The Firm video, which is great by the way..and I did the video Winsor Pilates which is also great coz thats wat supermodels do to tone up.I did pushups and situps..and went walking..I went to the weight room and I did yoga.Hope I helped! good luck.
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don't listen to jessica- all her posts are rude. thanks for your story!
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hey dis is lauryn:u r so lucky!im poor so i cant buy any excuipment or tapes to work out!all i have is my stomah,my legs,my brain,my heart,a jumprope and a creaky ol' stair climber!this really sux!
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wow this really seems to work thanks for the tip