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Hey people. Ive been doinbg pretty good lately...Except i have a serious question...I have a friend, actually my BESTfriedn and she eis so unbelievabklyu skinny!!! SHe is 5"2 and weighs aournd 85 pounds, but she is healthy dont get me wrong she really is (she dances 13 hours a week!) (i dance 5)...But im poretty much ALWAYS with her and she eats SOOOOOO much junkfood and crap and so im always exposed to it and stuff and when i dont eat it she knows i want it but am resisting,..So she is so afraid im taking my wieght too seriously but i have a good 35 pounds to loose...What do i do??
Reply from aicha, Age 13 - 01/03/04  - IP#:
well i have a skinny frend and it is harrd to look at them and wish u were that skinny ...thats how i felt but what im doing is that im cutting the junk food by using willpower. i tell myself if i eat this im not gonna lose weight and im going to pay the price, so i dont end up eating any junk and get plenty of eccersize that u LIKE. trust me if u dont like what youre doing youll stop in a week ...good luck..and YOU CAN DO IT i believe in u
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 01/03/04  - IP#:
well- she's obviously not THAT healthy if she's always shoveling junk food in her, but anyways... you need to have a talk with her and explain to her that you need to lose weight and that she probably doesn't understand but that she needs to tolerate it because it's just something you need to do for yourself. find other things you guys can do other than hanging out near food. have fun while you're doing it too or if you know you're going to go and eat bring along a healthy alternative. god luck!
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What are your stats?
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I'm 5"6 and 175-ish