From clifford, Age 15 - 01/01/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have had a really bad week and i had a brunch this morning and i feel like im gonna die or something because i havent been excercsering and i have been eating like a pig. PLEASE HELP ME
Reply from lauryn, Age 13 - 01/02/04  - IP#:
ur name is phattygurl rite?i went to Santas Magical Holiday Village was like hell!i had an Elephant ear,(a fried dough thing with lots of powdered sugar) and popcorn.(buttered)and it was the 1st day of my diet!!im so stupid and its not fair all my sis eats is junk food all day and 5 pancakes and she is 7 and weighs 39 pounds!she is like underweight!arrrg!life is no fair
Reply from dave, Age 12 - 01/01/04  - IP#:
Don't worry sara(h). We all have days likke that. Maybe just take a day off your diet or rest a day to help u feel better