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Hey,I would really love to lose about 20 pounds.I am planning to lose it by the end of February.10 pounds in January, and another 10 in February.Possibly a few more in the first month.**************************************************** MY PROBLEMS-I love chocolate-It's freezing here in Chicago, so I can't do much outside exercising(that I know u have any ideas?)****************************************************** If you have any ideas for exercise for me, PLEASE, DOOO help and share them!I already know what to eat, my house is pretty well equipted with health foods(we go to whole foods all the time!)**********************************************************SHARE YOUR IDEAS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE THEM!!!!!!!THANKS SO MUCH, IF ANYONE EVER REPLYS!!!!buh-bye!~Radioheadlover
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Thanks girls!
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taebo!!! it burns more calories than most any other workout! go to and check out how much you'll burn doing taebo under calories burned. it's great! and it works out all of your muscles depending on the tapes but each tape gets a good variaty...
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hey wassup? ur frum chicago? so am i, and i kno how u feel. do u hav a treadmill? u can walk/run on that for 30 min. a day, or try to make up ur own workout routine. n e wayz, i kno dis aint much but hope it helps. later!