From Tanaya, Age 15 - 12/29/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey everyone! i jus started a new diet yesterday an have been eating really well an stickin too it an tomorrow i start my exercise. 3 times a week im gonna do the firm then 3 days a week im gonna do taebo. im switchin off cause i heard its really effective to have both weight training(which the firm has)with cardio(which taebo has). my eatin habits have changed a lot! i am drinking ALOT more water an pretty much no juice or soda. except today when i went to the movies i had a drink of soda. lol sounds kinda pathetic but my friend told me that she knew i wouldnt be able to stick to a diet so im doin it not only to make myself feel better but also to prove her wrong. competition is sumthin i like an i wanna win so im gonna try my best. another thing that ive learned from past dieting failure experiences is that u cant completely deprive urself of all sweets an things like that. like if u have sumthin sweet its like a reward maybe like once a week if uve been doin good on ur eating an exercising reward urself with a very little sumthin but if u kno that u cant have even a little without havin a lot more then reward urself in another way. im jus tryin to keep myself motivated an on the right track. i really want to have lost at least 50 pounds by the time school lets out for summer vacation in the middle of june. do u think this is possible? id really like to have a diet buddy or sumthin that we can both lose weight together. i have jus one more question an then ill stop talkin cause i kno im jus goin on an on but about that whole weightloss contest when are weigh in days? an how does it work exaclty? if sum1 can email me( post a reply id be really thankful!!
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 12/29/03  - IP#:
you can do it!