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Alright I know I'm not a teen but I was here when the board was 11+ so I'm just used to coming here plus alot of the people on the Pre-teen are kinda immature sooo thats why I'm here not there. Anyway...I need some advice because I want to lose weight and its not that I'm not motivated but most of my friends are skinny and they eat junk food, they don't eat alot but when they do its junkfood so thats when I'm with them like at a sleepover or lunch during school so I eat junkfood too. Its really hard to sit there eating salad with low fat dressing while they are all eating chips and drinking Snapple! Me and my friend Nicole said that we would go on a diet together because she wants to lose some weight too. I want to be able to go shopping with them next summer for bathingsuits and new school clothes and stuff instead of making up exscuses like I did last year becuase all of them wear Juniors and I don't I ahve to wear Womens clothes. I need help! I don't know what to do!! I'm desperate! Thanks in advance, Rach
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Thanks Krista! Henry you are so lucky its Summer Vacation there omg! Its freezing here!! Thanks for the help...ttyl *Rach
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ray ray ray!!! lol.. me an u been here like f9rom the beginning.. in australia its summer break now.. i got a job working at a health club thing.. the doc there is soo smart an shes been teaching me stuff bout getting a healthy weihgt .. heres wat i learned from her.., ok,, most ppl specially u n me get real comfort and soothin from food specially junk food. . so its like the hardest thing in the hole world to resist it cuz we r like soo used to doin it an its a habit frum our hole life cuz it makes u feel better for a minute but then u feel bad agian. . what u gotta do is break the habit by learning to eat only small amounts of whaterver it is.. . if u r with ur mates just take some of wat theyr having an u eat some an just put the rest away like in ur pocket for later. . an the doc says look for fun stuff to soothe urself like i got into cricket and photography and scuba(got fins amd mask an a knife for xmas) -wow! . . get sumbody u can talk to, i talke to the doc,it helpf to have sumbody to talk to .. u r gonna feel like really nervous and antsy for a while when u resist stuff cuz its a habit u had from ur whole life.. . but believe me it gets better and then u dont miss the food as much specially when u see urself losing weight and staying busy,,. ey?.. . anyways just keep trying little by little, dont give up,, an u & me will get there!!!  later ray ray ray.. lol
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Hi Ray! You seem really nice, and I think you can do it! The best way to lose weight is to start eating healthy and start exercising. For eating healthy, I'm pretty sure you know what foods are healthy and what aren't. For exercise, I would suggest a cardio, and then if you like a yoga/pilates routine. If you want some ideas on healthy food I'll give you some...
-whole wheat bread, (don't overdue it)
I wish you the best of luck and if you need help don't hesitate to ask me! Krista