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Ht. 5'2", Today: 145 lb (BMI %tile: 92), Goal: 100 lb - hey guys...merry xmas!!! i weigh 145 and i am 5' you think in the next 5 months..jan 1st-june 1st..that i can lose like 45 pounds?!?! who thinks i can do it and what should i do..i kind of have a plan ok..breakfast-banana apple glass of skim milk..lunch-peanut butter sandwich on wheat and a granola bar...snack- fat free yogurt..dinner- baked potato canned vegetables and 2 cups fat free much weight should i or can i lose?! plus i am going to start doing a work out video 6 times a week..its like 20 minutes long. thanks!! REPLY PLEASE!!! -juls
Reply from B, Age 13 - 12/26/03  - IP#:
ya i agree with adding some water. Thats what i do when im hungry for sweets. I drink water (with ice so i can eat the ice.. strange habit of mine lol) and then i dont have the urge to eat ice cream or a few pieces of candy. It works great! i like your plan! Good luck! Ya i have lost 25 lbs since sept (about 3 months) so if u got 6 months to lose 45 lbs, youll do fine ! :-)
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Maybe you should add some more water to your diet plan. All that milk can really add up.
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yeah- you can definately do that. maybe it won't be so easy but if you follow your plan it looks like it'll work out well. will power!