From Christina, Age 14 - 12/24/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Start: 150 lb, Today: 115 lb, Goal: 100 lb - Loosing weight is really takes willpower and determination..i went from 150 to 115...134-115 in almost 2 months and i still got 15 pounds to loose *sigh*
Reply from Mandy, Age 17 - 12/27/03  - IP#:
Hey! Congratulations!!! I'm new here and looking for answers. Do you think you could give me some tips? How did you lose that much weight in that little time? I exercise a lot and I try to watch what I eat even though it's quite hard thought the holidays ;-) But, anyways, do you think you could email me? It would be awesome if you could give me some tips. Thanks. My email is Email me asap with some tips!!! :-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 12/24/03  - IP#:
to the last reply- i lost 22 pounds so far by exersizing and eating better foods and less calories...
Reply from sdfdsafdsf, Age 15 - 12/24/03  - IP#:
hey please tell me andeveryone else on here how u did that becsaiue i really wantto lose taht much weight to.. and i need to do it in a short amoiut of time
so pealse do it
Reply from Christina, Age 14 - 12/24/03  - IP#:
Kari, i donno but to me 115 isnt i still think im fat..when im 100 ill be perfectly ok :)
Reply from christina, Age 14 - 12/24/03  - IP#:
right now im 115
Reply from yo, Age 15 - 12/23/03  - IP#:
hey email me at and please tell me what u did exactly i really need help..
Reply from Kari, Age 16 - 12/23/03  - IP#:
Christina- 115 is a great weight.
Reply from taylor, Age 13 - 12/23/03  - IP#:
Wait, so how mucha re you?
Reply from manda, Age 15 - 12/23/03  - IP#:
hey! congrats! how exactly did you lose that much weight in 2 months? What did you eat on a typical day, how many calories..etc...and how often did you exercise? And what type of exercise??? Any tips to offer??? My email is and my aim is peasoncarrots i'd love to talk w/you sometime! and congrats=)