From Clark, Age 13 - 12/19/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am really fat and i want to know what the best way to get to a healthy weight in 16 days is. I am desperate and will do anything! Please Help Me
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 12/19/03  - IP#:
you could lose 5 pounds in that amount of time- amybe more if you're just starting out. exersize a lot- mostly cardio. and eat less calories and make sure those calories are comeing from a beneficial source like veggies. good luck- just try your hardest and remember that junk just isn't worth it. because it'sa more frustratiing to stay fast then it is to just lose the weight!
Reply from tag, Age 12 - 12/19/03  - IP#:
eat healthy food like fruits and veggies, drink a lot of watwer and exercize for about 15 to 30 minutes
Reply from lella, Age 14 - 12/19/03  - IP#:
Hey its really easy I think. Cut down fast, try to quit cold turkey. Whenever you get hungry, it's simple. JUST DRINK SOME WATER... and if you get bored, instead of eating, go out for a walk. Oh and when you're just lazing around watching TV, do some sit ups at commercial break. I'm not overweight, 5'3 and 110, (its not skinny, but its not big) and I go out for a bike ride 5 miles every night. And when I get back, I don't eat, I drink water! Also try protein drinks!
Reply from bailie, Age 13 - 12/19/03  - IP#:
how much weight to u wanna lose and how much do u weigh and whats ur height