From Becky, Age 13 - 12/10/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Today: 165 lb (BMI %tile: 94), Goal: 125 lb - I'm 5ft 6 to 7in tall and I weigh about 165. I keep trying to form habbits of eatting less and getting more exercise, but it never works. Sometimes I'll loose a pound or two but then I'll end up gaining it back. I play Soccer and Tennis, so I do get some exercise. I really need help in ways to help me loose weight without gaining it back on. My mom doesn't really support me in wanting to loose weight. She'll always say to me "Oh your not overweight your just big-boned.", and my sister does that to me too. At school people will talk aout me behind my back abou how I'm overweight and how ugly I am because of it. Even some of my friends( well now ex-friends) would talk about me behind my back about my weight. I'm not the most overwieght person in school, but I still feel horrible about being so fat. I want to loose about 40 to 50 pounds. My docter has said that I'm overweight, but she hasn't said anything about ways for me to loose it. No matter what I try nothing seems to work! :-(
Reply from Alex, Age 15 - 12/10/03  - IP#:
Well for sure the first thing you want to do is get your mom to support you, because otherwise it just won't work. Shes the one who prepares your meals, so if you can convince her that being "big boned" is a old wives tale and that you want to loose weight to feel better about yourself, get her to make you more healthier meals and then you'll want to go walk your dog or go for a hike every day so you'll get more exercise.