From not wanting ot say, Age 15 - 12/08/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey if i excericse for aobut 1.5 hours and eat 700 calories a day.. will i lose weight fast? and if so how much culd i lose in a month ireally want to lose this weight cause i hatemyself and how i look.. please help me i dont wantto sound liek a complaner but everyhitng i try never seems to work.. ? pleasecoment
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 12/09/03  - IP#:
that's a negative captian. bad idea- i can tell you straight out it's unhealthy and i would suggest strongly against it. you can argue how healthy it is but i know that for a fact it is a bad- unheathy plan. i hope you decide not to do it or even that you can't stick to it because our bodies need more than that to survive and not have things messed up in our bodies...
Reply from Nicole, Age 13 - 12/08/03  - IP#:
Believe me I have "hated" myself before and that jsut lowers my confidence that i can lose weight! Dont hate your self that is really unhealthy!
Reply from Britt, Age 13 - 12/08/03  - IP#:
Because you are still growing, you need more than 700 calories a day. I know you want to lose weight, but eating only 700 calories would be the unhealthy way to do it.
Reply from boo - 12/08/03  - IP#:
ok first you need to learn how to spell then you are not going to lose lbs. by exersising{i dont know how to spell that}and then eat 700 calories eat like 250 calories per meal and you just might lose alot of lbs. ok