From ChElliE, Age 14 - 12/05/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I messed up so much yesterday!!!! omg i blew it. Well back on the band wagon today I geuss. I'm gonna drink a lot of water and 4 cups of green tea (lol thats gonna b hard; it hurts to swallow). Thats my goal for today, besides i have nothing better to do. I'm home from school~again! Quick question before i have to go: Is it safe to do anarobic exercise when you are sick (ie. lifting weights and such)? I wish y'all the best of luck of achieving ur goals, and for y'all who are sick i sympathize (myself included). much luv~~ChELLiE
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 12/06/03  - IP#:
if you're not sure of your strength don't do anything that might hurt you like lifting weights. really light free weights might be safe but if it's anything besides that i'd think it a no go unless you have a good spotter when you're sick. i think aerobic exersize is ok but if you get a chance do some pilates or yoga when you're sick to just realax yourself and to give more of your energy towards fighting off the sickness. don't wear yourself out too much- just be careful of how much you eat if you're laying around all day...