From Strawberry, Age 15 - 12/04/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey y'all is me posting again..... Well i've been in a diet for almost a week since monday and haven't lost any weight i'm really getting upset cuz i'm not losing anything, its just like if wasn't in a diet i don't gain nor lose. I'm seriosly trying very hard i mean i take veggies to skool ( i ignore some people that make fun of me by making annoying comments) i do like veggies which makes me being in a diet a lot easier, but i can't avoid tentation. Well as you can tell i'm trying extremely hard i did umm.... winsor pilates once this week since i don't really have time to do it homework, clean my room and many other tasks. Well now that y'all now my story can you please help me ?!?! well i'm kind of sad cuz this guy which i think is hot but he doesn't know i like him said that i was FAT but to be honest i didn't take it that seriosly at the moment cuz ur not suppose to let anyone know your soft side or they'll get you with that but i'm kind of sad now cuz he said that. i have a question i'm kind of sick well really sick if i have flavored halls do you think i'll gain weight? well laterz hope y'all post
Reply from Amanda, Age 11 - 05/18/06  - IP#:
try dance dance revaluton
u can buy it for like $15good luck
Reply from Amanda Starkey, Age 11 - 04/29/06  - IP#:
dont go on a diet and buy the book "the ultimate weight loss soluton for teens
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 12/05/03  - IP#:
ok- there is 3500 cal.s in a pound of fat. halls had what? like 15 cal.s? i don't think you'll gain weight- you'll burn them off just by sitting around in no time...