From Bailie, Age 13 - 12/03/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi im like trying to lose 50-40 pounds by May b/c i have 8th grade grad this year and i wanted to look nice in a dress and all that and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on losing weight quick b/c i have been doing crunches and trying to eat right and doing sit up and leg ups or w/e those are called and its like im not losing any weight at all so yea if u have any tips to lose weight quick then let me know plzzzzzzzz
Reply from shaunte mosley, Age 12 - 01/18/04  - IP#:
to lose weight for breakfast cereal like cherrios or Special k with low fat milk or toast with smartbalance butter any kind of juiceor water lunch meat a sandwich with a fruit lunch meat pasta bread cheese fruit vegetable if you reall want a junk food snack dont do it eat saltiene crackers or smart ones icecream hi im 12and weigh 100 pounds i use to weigh 110 i lost 10 pounds and will lose more but you should find anything that can tell you how to lose weight dont worry about 8th grade just be your self bye from a shaunte in new york
Reply from Colleen, Age 15 - 12/04/03  - IP#:
Like Shenequa cant just do crunches and legups...they won't make you lose HAVE to do some sort of cardio exercise...try taebo, the basic tape, or do some other exercise you enjoy.
Reply from Shenequa, Age 15 - 12/03/03  - IP#: can't JUST do leg-ups and crunches and sit-ups!!! I mean, well you can...but you won't se results anytime soon or anytime at all for that matter. You ALSO have to watch what you eat and exercise for AT LEAST 30 min. a day doing something where you move around!!! Believe me, i'm doing the same thing you are!! I'm tryin to lose weight so i can look good in a bathing suit and for other stuff too!!! Believe me, just try it and see if it works!! Oh can't like splurge (pig-out) just whenever you feel like it! u have 2 learn how to say no to very very delicious and temtacious candy!! Good luck!! Wish u the best!! (P.S.-- when is ur graduation!?1? cuz depending on when it is, is how much weight you can loose. For example, if it was in like a month, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to lose that much weight in one month. 2 pounds a week is a reasonable diet to stick too!) Best of LUck ~Shenequa~