From Aida, Age 20 - 12/03/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone i havent posted nething up lately so im just updating yall on far ive lost 25lbs since september thank the lord...ive been doing the firm and eating healthy lately i started to do taebo and i love it...well good luck everyone and keep ur motivation up
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Hey umm can u tell me how you lose weight i want to lose weight bad i dont eat anything anymore i mean i eat just not much like i used to like in the mornings ill drink a glass of orange juice n a banana for breakfest. Sorry im probably saying stuff stupid and i do 200 set ups everynight before i go to bed. well ttyl bye
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4536 ohio bath
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so how much do u weigh and congrats!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, great job!
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Congrats to Aida!