From hanah, Age 14 - 11/30/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Start: 197 lb, Today: 132 lb - hi I used to way about 197 pounds and in 3 and a half months i have lost 65 pounds. I was wandering was that to quik. and no i didn't use pills.It was all a matter of what i ate and doing some kind of exerise every day. Support form my friends really helped to, to know that they believed i could do it was a great stength to succed.
Reply from brittany, Age 13 - 12/01/03  - IP#:
hey guyz. i'm just became a bubblerbuster and i wiegh 131 pounds and i want to wiegh around 110 or 115 how can i loose wieght fast and still be heathly? well if you have any answer e-mail me
Reply from Melissa, Age 14 - 12/01/03  - IP#:
What did you do-I want to lose 65 pounds in 3 months-it took me 4 months to lose 13 pounds.
Reply from Olivia, Age 16 - 12/01/03  - IP#:
What did you do to exercise? What did you eat? How'd you lose that kina weight? I really want to lose that kina weight lol.
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 12/01/03  - IP#:
it was a little too quick because you're only supposed to lose 8 pounds a month but congradulations! that's great! you'll just have to work hard to keep it off untill you know what exactly to do to stay thAT WEIGHT.
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 11/30/03  - IP#:
OMG! that's so good! i don't think it's too quick because if it was then you probably wouldnt have even lost the weight, but you did! good for you! :D