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Today: 173 lb - I am so excited about next week because I am going to ask this guy I like if he would want to go to the movies or something on friday and I hope he wants to because I heard he likes me and I like him so I want to be 170 at least by then I am 173 now or maybe even less depends on whut I am weighing in at tomorrow. Well good luck to everyone.
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Oh yea lol that was funny and it was great HEHEHEHE
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the one about you and your friends getting caught by the police you were trying to pass it off to me as it being real and i was like- i don't think they can do you don't remember?
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yay clifford! you're awesome and i'm glad you're going for it and just incase you don't check back at old posts thanks for sticking up for me when i wasn't around. yeah- that girl keeps being very unfair- i'm just trying to help people not become anorexic and develope horrible eating patterns that'll destroy their body more than it'll ever help them but oh well...i think you'll do well with the guy but just incase it doesn't workout it's his problem from what i know of you you are pretty- smart- and lol- creative jugding from that story you gave me on msn...
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im just eating like a normal high schooler but less making my portions smaller and I'm excerciseing
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good luck! i hope he says yes!
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What is your weight lose plan how are you losing weight?