From luvly 1 for sure, Age 15 - 11/26/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey yall, I've just been thinking, and I relized something, I am happy that overtime, my body grew, and I became FAT. I know this sounds crazy but just read on. If I would have been given a perfect body, than I would not have had respected it, and I would have taken it for granted, and just teased other people who were not given such nice bodies. But since God gave me the body that I have, I have to work, to make it smaller, and shaplier. This way, when I do loose the weight, I will appreciate my body, nurishe it, and really take care of it. I will know the pain of being overweight, and not tease people who are batteling the buldge. I will be consious of the fact that I was once dealing with their same hardships, and will be able to support them during their time of need, instead of teasing them and making it worse. I will also, give my body the proper exercise, and take care of it, and most of all, I will thank God for giving me this hardship, and then helping me through it, making me a better person, and helping me to have an understanding of other peoples troubles. ... Oh yea, and i was looking into gym's and such, trying to find an affordable one that I would feel comfortable working out in, and I really think you guys should check out curves. I mean it has an excellent track record, and when I read the succes stories, they literally blew me away. I mean, these women, that were on the site, had all lost over 100 lbs, and keep in mind that they are not as young as we are, I mean, we are almost in our prime, which means we would have much more energy than them, and possible be able to loose weight faster. Just lettin yall know, you should check it out!
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 11/27/03  - IP#:
not THAT was inspiration! wow- thank you! that was really beautiful.
Reply from jenna, Age 16 - 11/26/03  - IP#:
That is a great way of thinking about things. I'm really going to keep that in mind while I am on my diet!!!