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Hey everone, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your support.. It's been a good five days so far and I feel like I have more energy, and more control of what Im eating. And I think i am gonna borrow a video from "the frim collection" lol since everyone is saying so much good stuff about them. Let's see and my paln seems to be workin im doin the south bech diet revised by yours truly, im including fruits, and milk, and im doing my best to get rid of carbs and im doin well the only carbs i have eaten is maybe a cup of health ceral every other day or so. And another thing ive noticed is since ive been using this website i barely think about food, yesterday it was around dinner time and i had realized that all i had eaten i two apples a bananna and a piece of hard candy.. so im glad food isnt ruling my life anymore... and I owe part of that to you guys im really grateful for your encouraging letters i know i can do this. I know tomorrow will be hard cuz of thanksgiving but i know i can stick to this.. My goal is not to eat any carbs except for maybe a tiny tiny bit of mashed potatoes no sweets and just eat meat fruit and veggies, and the only thing i am allowing myself to have is this pita (spinach pie) my mom makes only once or twice a year that i love, but now that i am in control i know i can limit myself.. so good luck to everyone tomorrow.. my suggestion is to set goals before hand. thanks for everything.. i wil post tomorrow to tell u how it goes.. bubeyes *MaNdY*
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Hey Anne! No i don't have any idea how much weight ive lost im waitin till saturday... which will be one week from when ive started, it's hard for me not too jump on the scale but i was gettin too obsessive before so im gonna well I hope everything is okay with you I read your post and u seem to be doin okay.. well ttyl *MaNdY*
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that sounds great! do you know how much weight you've lost?