From Gabriel, Age 15 - 11/14/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 190 lb - Hi my name is Gabriel i weigh 190lbs. at the age of 15. I really need your advise who ever is reading this. Please write to me i really need help.
Reply from Maris/deeee, Age 15 - 11/15/03  - IP#:
Well it depends on ur height. I'm almost 15 and 5'2..and for my height and age the normal and healthy weight is 81-130. You should find out whats yours on the main page on this site. i think its called Weight Calculater, but im not sure. -:dee:-
Reply from Dane's Girl, Age 15 - 11/14/03  - IP#:
hi! i'm 15 too! i weigh 129 and fit into a size 8 or 9. at our age what is over weight? cuz i sure feel like it! what is the normal weight for a 15 year old?
Reply from Maris, Age 15 - 11/14/03  - IP#:
Just read the other stuff that has been posted. I'm sure it'll help, there are some really good facts that have been posted. -Maris