From Veronica, Age 17 - 11/04/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey Mandi, I'm with you. I'm tired of being this way when I know I can be a better person physically. I'm also tired of saying "I'm going to do this or that", I'm ready to do something to be the thin girl I used to be. I'm about to enter into the adult phase of my life and meet new people and do new things, and hopefully meet the guy that I will be in a serious relationship with and I want to look my best for him, but primarily I want to look good for myself. So I'm going to take this week to do some more research and put together my final workout plan (and get used to my low carb diet)... I'm too old not to have the self-control to subject my body to my will and take it to perfection (or something close to it =D) Well, now that I've made my motivational speech I 'spose I'd better get to it =D. Pray for me, I'm definitely going to need it (I despise exercising, but willing to work hard)... -Veronica
Reply from Maris, Age 15 - 11/05/03  - IP#:
Praying*** lol
Reply from Maris, Age 15 - 11/05/03  - IP#:
I'm parying for ya! Good Luck! -Maris
Reply from chellie, Age 14 - 11/05/03  - IP#:
that was a great lil speech thing u have goin there. I kno that i am a lil younger than u and that i'm only starting highschool where as u are graduating, but were like in the sorta same situation about starting a new fase of our life. I hope that u stick with it and reach ur goal. I need to find the motivation to tell myself something to that effect, so i can get back on track. wish u the best of luck. e-mail me if u want to
Reply from mandi, Age 17 - 11/05/03  - IP#:
your message is exactly what i hope others would gain form what i had to say. i too am ebntering a new phase in my life i have finished highschool recently ansd am wanting to look my best physically for when i start a new chapter in my life. Remember it is all aboptu your promise to yourself and stick to it no matter what because realy what is a couple of months of sacrifice for the results yoiu have been thinking about getting for months and havent done anything about it
best of luck to you email me and let me know how you got at