From amanda, Age 13 - 11/04/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 135 lb, Today: 107 lb (BMI %tile: 57), Goal: 100 lb - hi, im 13 yrs old soon 2 be 14 and 5"2. i started losin weight since mid august i was 135 pounds and now 107 pounds. i want 2 lose another 7. guess wat i hardly have a stomach! if i can do it (cauz i LOVED eatin) so can u, now eatin is somethin i have 2 do to live. this is wat i did.....example= cutin down food. instead of havin 2 big plates of pasta and 5 meatballs. im havin half a plate of pasta and only 1 meatball.
Reply from Jane, Age 13 - 11/05/03  - IP#:
Hey! Could you please help me? I am 13 132lbs and 5'4. I would really love to get down to 110. My sn is yana tennis13. Hoping to hear from you soon!!!!!
Reply from Aida, Age 20 - 11/04/03  - IP#:
Well congratulations Amanda...