From lovliest 1 out there, Age 15 - 10/30/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 278 lb - All I want to say is that I was readin some of yalls messages and yall should calm down cause most of you are really not fat! Your worried about wut others peeps is sayin bout ya, but there are some of us here that need more support than you do, we have to worry more about what doctors are sayin, then our peers, i mean, i understand that your little weight problems can be depressing, but people who are truly overweight, have to look out for stuff like diabetes and heart disease/failure. Those are major risks to growing teens whoes BMI is close to or over 30. Plus, I am 278, but i dont really have a problem wit how I look, I mean, peeps dont tease me, or laugh at me or nothin cause I let them know that that mess wasn't gonna fly wit me, plus i know that i look good (in the face) and n e one who dont believe me could get a pic and see that i am pretty (sry 4 soundin consided) just email me @ and i'll send ya a pic, cause really, yall need to get some self confidence and quite worryin bout your weight, be yourself and be cool wit others and peeps will like you, and not tease you. Cause i weigh tons more than most of ya, and my only thing is that i wanna loose weight for my health, and the satisfaction of knowing that i can accomplish my goals.
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i think that loveliest 1 is right!
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 11/01/03  - IP#:
you know- it really annoys me when people like you say that you're more important and have bigger problems then everyone else. we're here for SUPPORT- not to judge the placement of your weight problems over others. we all have different reasons for losing weight so if you want support fine- just don't think that your problems are the worst in the world becasue i can see that you have self-confidence and many of the people here have to work up to that. it's all in how the person takes it...
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i agree about worrying about what other ppl say about you (you're letting others shape who you will be and what your personality is), although i do understand everyone wanting to look their best. i know when i lose the weight i need to i will be a lot more attractive than i already am. hey would you like to be my weight loss buddy? i read in your earlier post you want to do the atkins diet and i'm doing something similar to that (a low-carb diet actually). Email me at -Veronica