From Veronica, Age 17 - 10/30/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know I did some research and found out that drinking green tea is suppose to help aid in losing weight. I'm trying it out now. Harmless enough I guess. lol
Reply from billabong girlie, Age 13 - 11/01/03  - IP#:
its supposed to help increase your metabolism by about 30% or something around there
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 11/01/03  - IP#:
the reason why green tea aids you as such is becasue it's a great anti-toxin and moves bad waste out of your body. it also makes you skin more elasticy so that you won't have as much lose skin. tell me how it goes!good luck!
Reply from jess, Age 20 - 10/30/03  - IP#:
I find that it makes you go to the washroom alot...and u keep going and going.....ive heard some ppl who had wholes in their stomach bc of that weightloss thing