From Kayleigh, Age 13 - 10/14/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Today: 147 lb (BMI %tile: 92) - Hey evrybody!
I am 147lbs and 5' 4" my thighs r huge but ma tummy is k on my 14th bday im havin my belly buton pierced so i am goin 2 10 situps a nite and cut dwnn on junk food do u fink i will lose weight. I also go dancing on Saturdays and gym on thursday and P.e on monday and thursday will i lose wieight plz reply.
Reply from NOT GIVEN - 10/15/03  - IP#:
Hey, i checked the weight thingy and ur only like 12 lbs over weight. That might not be correct because u may have really strong muscles in ur legs, or u may just be really muscley. Ask ur parents wut they think. As long as u get enought exrcise and eat right, u'll be fine. God loves u and he doesn't care whether ur a little over weight, under weight, or ugly. He created and it says in the Bible that he loves how he made each person. If u wanna no more about God or wut the heck i'm talking about, try to find a Bible, they should be in alot of family's homes.
Reply from christine, Age 15 - 10/15/03  - IP#:
Hey uhh, what u need to do, is just be more active, ride ur bike in ur free time, walk down town. I think that yes u could start with 10 situps each night but how bout evry week u add 10 more? And try doing some sit-ups. But it doesn't mean u'll be tiny in no time, 147 isn't really too bad. If u gained like 10 lbs then maybe u could try like a diet, but ya know wut? It doesn't matter because u may be healthy anyways. You might just have a little extra skin.
Reply from anonymous, Age 14 - 10/14/03  - IP#:
not only should you cut down on junk food, and u will lose some weight just doing that, but you should eat a salad and green veggie everyday, and cut down on carbohydrates, like pasta, potatoes....etc... if you dont eat a green veggie everyday, you will begin to get cramps, and that doesnt feel at all good!!!