From cassie, Age 15 - 08/29/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
okay im like 100 pound overweight i cant stop dreaming about begin skinny or just good lokking there are so many times i wish i could look like the models and just get so mad!plus i love food i never know when to stop eating! all my friends are thin and i just feel like i cant acomplish anything untill i lose the weight there are so many times when i want to stare myself or something, it would mean so much if i could talk to someone who knows where im coming from!
Reply from Georgina, Age 15 - 08/31/03  - IP#:
Wow Shannon, that was fantastic!!!You should write that on the board so everyone sees it. You really have something important to say!!!
Reply from shannon, Age 15 - 08/31/03  - IP#:
thank you =)
Reply from shannon, Age 15 - 08/31/03  - IP#:
and yes, i do know how you feel, i get so mad at myself because i am not britney spears or i can't be like all the other girls, and i don't know when to stop eating either, but after i eat, i think ok, i am going to start a diet tomorrow, tomorrow comes, and i am sitting there drinking a Pepsi and eating popcorn and watching a movie, but if you need some motivation or need someone to listen i am always here, just a e-mail away :)
Reply from Shannon, Age 15 - 08/31/03  - IP#:
yeah i know how you feel, we all dream about being skinny, having the guys look at us, but do you really want guys to look at you because your "Hot", yeah ok me too, but thats not my point lol,
take a good look in the mirror, no matter what ANYONE thinks, you are beautiful, everywhere we turn we see gorgeous models, and books saying we should look like this, but we all are not like that, we need to be ourselves, lose weight slowly, because if you lose weight fast then you will gain it back because your body still thinks you are "over weight". no woman is the same size, and we should all be happy, by the way we look, but we aint, we get depressed from being over weight, we eat because we are depressed, and then we just get bigger, and feel more unhappy, but you know what, we can over power it, when you feel hungry or want something to eat, get something like a salad that has chicken and then get a small burger, and a glass of ice tea, or a glass of water, and maybe take your dog, and go for a walk, (if you don't have a dog a fuzzy slipper would do, jk) or go to the mall and walk it 6 times (in the average mall that would be about 3miles) and when you do that you wont feel tired, because your body will think you are just doing everyday things, and school, bring your own lunch, eat an apple, banana, and a turkey breast sandwich, you know that turkey sandwiches don't have that much fat? if you eat bacon and eggs and sausage for breakfast that is fine, for lunch just have a smaller meal, and for dinner just have half of what you mostly eat, and then go for a walk, and if you feel hungry later, just grab something that is fast to make, maybe a grilled cheese or something, but i bet you $20.00 you are beautiful, the world don't look at you the way you look at yourself, just look in the mirror, and look at your eyes, your cheeks, your lips, and then your body, look at yourself like you are seeing that person for the first time, that is what i used to do, and it really made me feel better by the way i look, forget the super models, do you really want to be that skinny? have a lot of surgery done? and then when your 35 feel like you need more work done? all woman have natural beauty, some just don't see it as quickly as others, give it time sweetie, soon you will see yourself as the world see's you, and who ever thinks that there is something wrong with you, just look straight back at them and you will see, they have 10x more things wrong with them, woman who think they are perfect there is always something wrong with them, most likely it is their personality, give me a e-mail at if you want to chat :)
take care, and remember that no matter what, your always going to be beautiful, no matter what people think, and how you feel, people who think there is something wrong with you, then there is probably something wrong with them and they are trying to make you feel bad so what ever is wrong with them will go away.
Reply from maddie, Age 14 - 08/30/03  - IP#:
I know exactly where you are coming from. It seems that everyone else is tiner than me, and that I am the only fat person. I feel like this blob half the time!!! But like you I love food, and i want to eat it all the time, and I really don't know when to stop all the time. They say eat healthy, but some foods are so tempting, I just can't resist, so maybe we could be online weight loss buddies!!! My aim screen name is feltonfreak22, so you or who ever wants to be a weight loss buddy with me im me, and we can lose weigh together!!!
Reply from KrIsSy, Age 13 - 08/30/03  - IP#:
gurl, I know how u feel! Ummm e-mail me @ and we can talk lol.. I am 13 5'6 or 5'7 and weigh about 210! so just fill me in on u, and maybe we can work together or sommin!Lylas!
Reply from meaghan, Age 13 - 08/29/03  - IP#:
i no exsactly wut ur sayin im always gettin mad at myself becuz im not skinny im sayin to myself if i was skinny i would be soo much better at this and that but me complaining and wining to myself wont help thats wut i always try and tell myself if im about to grab a cookie or sumthin like that now meaghan do u really need that after i dont eat it i feel proud of myself like ive just accomplished something even if thats not a big deal its just a cookie well it is a big deal to me to have enough self control over that even if its just a cookie.....sry i just kind of started rambling in here