From ricky, Age 15 - 08/07/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Today: 210 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - I ve always been called names etc but i ve always laughed it off or gone home really upset .but now my lifes getting worse coz my auntys n uncles keep taking the piss out of me 2 .i cant handle it any more.i cant tell my parents coz a massive family break up would happen. i really want to lose weight fast .i weigh 210 pounds and im 5,4.i ve got 1 month left b4 i go bak to skool n i wanna lose as much weight as possible. can anyone help me plz.i also think it doesnt help that im vegetarian. plz help.
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 08/07/03  - IP#:
it does help that you're a vegetarian by the way- because meat takes longer to digest. just stay away from a lot of fattening dairy- and watch your salt and caffiene intsake also because it makes you retain water. eat tons of veggies- they help a lot in weight loss- make veggies your main source of food and you can eat as much of them as you like because they have a lot of fiber and a low in calories! gl once again!
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 08/07/03  - IP#:
make it a life long thing. not that l;osing weight will take your whole life but be prepared to put quite a few months into it. you can start losing weight right away. it's in your power, exersize and eat right. eat nutritiously. eat foods with a lot of fiber and drink a lot of water, it'll clean out your stomach of things that shouldn't be there and will help you lose weight faster.
Reply from sarah, Age 14 - 08/07/03  - IP#:
well try to cut the carbs out of ur diet u can have like only a couple of carbs a dont drink pop cut that out and dont eat a lot of junk eat fruits and vrgetables