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Ht. 5'4", Today: 115 lb (BMI %tile: 59) - im not overweight cuz i weigh 115 and im 5'4 but i got this 4 overweight ppl. i got it off this site. i dont think ppl look @ the stuff that much here cuz they ask bout how 2 lose weight. well it says:Cut in half whatever you usually eat, eat half, and save half for later. You're not giving it up, because you can have it later. If you're at a restaurant, ask the waitress to box up the half you don't eat and take it with you to have the next day. Even cutting just a third or a fourth off will help. The idea is to eat the same things you are used to, just less of them. This is hard for the first week or two, but then it gets easier. Cutting down by little steps each day may be easier. Then it's like a new habit. You don't even miss the extra food. You can then adjust the size of the servings you eat, so that you stay where you want your weight to be. And remember... typical serving sizes are set by people who want to sell food...(Click here to see rest of message).
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that is great advice! and ur right no one really posts how to lose weight as much as people ask, so thanks for posting how!!
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That is great advice and I do a lot of that but i also learned a lot from it thanx