From Thick Cutey, Age 15 - 08/04/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Today: 227 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - I am 15 and 227 lbs at 5'4" but I'm not fat fat. I'm only thick. I have lots of muscle from where I used to be athletic. Does anyone know any non-invasive work outs to thin my waistline and thighs that are not too hard. I have asthma and cannot do strenuous workouts. e-mail me please.
Reply from andrew, Age 14 - 08/13/03  - IP#:
no, thats thick. i like that....
Reply from Cynthia, Age 12 - 08/05/03  - IP#:
Hi, im not trying to pick but 227 is thick? , boys like thick, and they say im thick, and i am 125, and 5'3, and im trying to trim mah waist line also!
So holla at me at, to get some waist trimming exercise.
Reply from someone, Age 15 - 08/04/03  - IP#:
r u a guy? cuz i dont think that much weight is just *thick*