From marcy, Age 14 - 07/28/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
looking 4 a diet buddy,GIRL,180-250 lbs.,some1 who hates thier stomach size!Pleaze my school pants are 2 long bekaze the waist fits but length is mums pants r even 2 little 4 me.
Reply from Marcy - 07/29/03  - IP#:
no i dont have an e mail add. but meet me n tha chat room at 9
o clock 2 day im christian bob 12 or rea
Reply from semi, Age 13 - 07/28/03  - IP#:
sounds lyke i could help. i am 13 weigh 190 and really hate da way i look. i can barely fit a size 16 in womens and all da junior clothes don't fit. da fat on mai stomach jiggles wen i walk and i hate being in a swim suit
Reply from Krissy, Age 13 - 07/28/03  - IP#:
ok umm do u have an sn or e-mial?
Reply from marcy - 07/28/03  - IP#:
Sure i weigh 218 and u sound like what i was lookin 4
Reply from Krissy, Age 13 - 07/28/03  - IP#:
hey how about me i am 13 kinda young i know and fat i hate my whole body i am 213 pounds! if so im me KrizazyKrssy247 Yahoo-Wildchildsoftballgal!!! or just leave me a note on here ttyl! xoxo