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Today: 162 lb - I need serious help yall I'm 12 and I qweigh 162.last summer IWAS WEARING A SIZE 7 IN PANTS AND NOW i WEAR A SIZE 13/14.THATS BAD.I NEED SOME TIPS ON WHAT I CAN DO 2 LOOSE MY WEIGHT.THANKS FOR REPLYING
Reply from mrs.gates, Age 14 - 06/17/03  - IP#:
heya that was me that posted haha! up
sorry i was feeling low bout my self and took it out on sum1 else
i am reely fat so i dobnt know y i posted dat up
wb mrs.gates
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Reply from Samantha, Age 14 - 06/17/03  - IP#:
Don't sweat it. Last summer I was 42 pounds bigger than I am now. I made my summer into a huge exercise boot-camp. Every morning I would walk/run a mile, and it really hepled. I also changed my eating. Instead eating regular hot dogs or sandwhiches I would eat healthy choice hot dogs and low fat sandwhiches. Don't give up hope. E-mail me any time Sam
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I have your same problem even the same sizes i was 7 last year and now im a 9 or 11