From lesa, Age 13 - 06/09/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
omg!!!! i have lost 2 lbs every day!!!is that healthy???? i hope so, because at the rate i am going i will be 118 in no time, that isthat means i will have it gone in 25 days!!!! i will dazle, hey, i want some tips on exercise andi wanted to know, my mom makes theese iced coffee drinks, it is made w\ 80 cal coffee syrup, milk (1%) and ice, is that unhealthy???also,i am broad shoulder and have an hourglass figure, is 118 a good goal, b\c the weight calculator doesn't include broad shoulders or anything like that, is it??????????????????? cya'll in a chatroom hopefully, have a good day, and keep working at it, good luck!!!!!
Reply from Brittany, Age 14 - 08/03/05  - IP#:
sry my IM is
Reply from Brittany, Age 14 - 08/03/05  - IP#:
I would love to know how to lose 2 lb in one day, I think that thats really good can u please e-mail me and fill me in.
Reply from lauren, Age 10 - 08/02/04  - IP#:
could you please email me to tell me how you do lose 2 a day!
Reply from Brit, Age 13 - 08/06/03  - IP#:
ok can you tell me how i can lose 2 lds evey day i am so so imbressed to go any were and i and goin to a family cook out in 2 weeks and i would love to know how you do can youi email me at
Reply from jo, Age 13 - 06/11/03  - IP#:
how r u loseing 2lbs every day plese help me wirte me at
Reply from Toni, Age 12 - 06/10/03  - IP#:
please tell me how you can loose 2 pounds each day. I am going to the beach for a week with my familiy starting the 28 of June. I am so embarassed for even my family to see my fat legs and stomach! I weigh about 130 but I am only 4' 10" I would love to loose about 10 to 20 pouds. My family would be so proud and impressed! PLease write back with tips!! you can e-mail me at or I have AIM my s/n is rlgur
Reply from Lorena, Age 13 - 06/09/03  - IP#:
Omg,2 pounds everyday?I would b happy if i did lose 2 pounds everyday till im satisfied wit my wieght.Tell us how 2 do it cuz i really don't noe how 2 lose my wieght.
Reply from kelsey, Age 14 - 06/09/03  - IP#:
yes, please explain how you lose 2 pounds a day, im sure alot of us could use this info.
Reply from hi, Age 12 - 06/09/03  - IP#:
how could u lose 2 pounds a day???is that really possible??please tell me!!